What is this all about, anyways?

Hi. I'm Dewey. I like headphones. This site started as a thread on Head-Fi where I was trying to put together a collection of all of the ZMF special releases, having received my second stabilized Vérité Closed (I sold the first one when I bought the second. I'm not quite that nuts).

But a thread in a forum can be kind of hard to dig through, especially with how many headphone audiophiles are on Head-Fi. Things get hard to find, and so you've got a big post with hundreds of pages and you have to bookmark the pages with the things you give a crap about, and so on.

Hopefully this will be easier to use. I'm building this on Webflow, if anyone cares. I intend for it to be a searchable, filterable repository of really nice, unique headphones from any and all brands.

If you have questions about what I'm doing, want to get involved or want to submit your headphones for the database, please visit the Contact page.